*Zippy’s Special*

Zippy always has the Spaghetti plate, but this one was a bit different. It came with one fried chicken, one scoop Mac salad and of course spaghetti with one garlic bread. Special price for $7.50 limited time only. Isaac and I were happy. We even bought one for daddy too. 😊



On the third of July, my phone had pictures of our time at the beach.  Isaac had a blast.  He loved the beach and splashing in the ocean.  I had those precious moments captured in my phone.  And my phone got toasted in the sun.  Ughhh!!  I was worried it would get wet so I left it on the beach chair in the shade.  But that shade didn’t last long because the sun moved and toasted my phone with my precious pictures of my baby.  Ughhh!!  OK. Just needed to vent about that.

So the picture above is my fourth of July spaghetti with garlic bread.  Saw some fireworks while I was on the balcony doing laundry.  I wanted to capture it but I was really upset about what happened to my phone so I didn’t take a picture of anything.

Now I have a new phone and that spaghetti with garlic bread is my first foodie on my new phone.  Hmm.  :\  Perhaps this is a good thing to start over and freshen my blog posts with what I snapshot from now on.  I guess I gotta look at the brighter side of things.  Hmm.  /:  May God bless America.  May God bless us everyone!!