*Aunty Char’s Breakfast*


Still fundraising for Children’s Miracle Network.  This was the mini plate version for $5 (instead of a full plate for $7).  It was rice, scrambled eggs, bacon, cut up fried potatoes, little smokies and Portuguese sausage.  Wanted more but having only one 15 minute break, this was good enough.  :0)


*Bittermelon in Scrambled Eggs*


It’s bittermelon in scrambled eggs.  I don’t really have a name for it.  My mom used to cook it for me.  Not exactly an omelet because there’s no cheese.  Bittermelon ain’t the type of vegetable that’s a favorite among anybody.  But I like it and make it  especially when I have “my monthly visitor” .. as some may say.  It helps with the cramps and the flow of things.
     You can boil or steam the bittermelon to reduce the bitterness a bit.  But for its full effectiveness, just fry it in a bit of olive oil then add the scrambled eggs. :0)