*Fundraiser foods*

Banana lumpIA 🙂

Different kind of desserts (;

Pinakbet and white rice 😉

Mochi desserts (:


*Ikura a.k.a. salmon eggs a.k.a. gold of the ocean*


Upclose.. this is Ikura.. my favorite, and  my hubby brought some home just for me 🙂


Not just one bowl, but two!  In hawaii, it’s like gold!  Ikura nearly cost $30/lb.


They are usually used in sushi.  The sushi made up of nori, rice, ikura and ahi poke.  Nori is seaweed, ikura is salmon eggs, ahi poke is merely cut up raw tuna, and of course you know rice… mmm, yum! :0)

Another yummy late dinner

mine:) Wild salmon baked with salt, pepper, dill seasoning; steamed rice with sprinkle of furukaki; romaine lettuce with stir fried cucumbers topped with 1000 island dressing :0)
hubby’s:) Salt & Pepper ribs; steamed rice; stir fried cucumbers (0:
…we both drank ice filtered water:)