*Buttery Bacon Jack*

Was craving this sandwich from jack in the box.  Woohoo!  Finally.  


*Pulled Pork Pizza*


This was brought to my attention by my co-worker that we had a new product in our cafe: pulled pork, with bacon, onions and mozzarella cheese pizza.  The sauce is a winner.  In fact, it was real good!  Not because I was really hungry, but I was happy that there wasn’t a long line.  For $2.79 w/ a drink, best paid lunch yet.  :0)

*Aunty Char’s Breakfast*


Still fundraising for Children’s Miracle Network.  This was the mini plate version for $5 (instead of a full plate for $7).  It was rice, scrambled eggs, bacon, cut up fried potatoes, little smokies and Portuguese sausage.  Wanted more but having only one 15 minute break, this was good enough.  :0)