Tempura Udon flavor Noodle Soup

We bought it at the Waimalu Palama Korean Supermarket. Our first time there, exploring the whole store while waiting for our car alarm to be installed next block.

Tasty, just like an udon soup, but no big noodles here. It’s a lil’ bit spicy but just good enough that it doesn’t burn as much. Noodles were regular ramen kind noodles. Isaac and I loved it. We just was wanting some thick, big noodles I guess. πŸ˜‹

This double jack is from JITB.. jack in the box.  Hubby and I went to the one on ward and kapiolani.   We had a problem at the drive thru window because the cashier rang us up for 2 double jacks but gave us both regular jacks.  So when we opened it to eat it, it only had one patty.  It took them a long time to give us the right burgers.  So by the time we got the double jacks, the first bites were real good.  Dumb cashier.  We were starving. πŸ˜›