This double jack is from JITB.. jack in the box.  Hubby and I went to the one on ward and kapiolani.   We had a problem at the drive thru window because the cashier rang us up for 2 double jacks but gave us both regular jacks.  So when we opened it to eat it, it only had one patty.  It took them a long time to give us the right burgers.  So by the time we got the double jacks, the first bites were real good.  Dumb cashier.  We were starving. 😛

*Pipeline Malasadas*

We stopped by this newly opened bakery on Waialae called Pipeline, bakeshop & creamery.  Met Gayna, who I assumed was one of the bakers, told her my husband met her uncle at a garage sale and recommended this place.  She was nice, as the other guy up front.  I bought 6 regular sugar and 6 mocha malasadas.  Expected mocha to be filled inside but it wasn’t.  Perhaps, I should have specified or read the menu better.  However, both flavors were excellent.  Hot and yummy.  :0)

*Butternut Squash Ravioli*

Picked this up at Target.  It was on sale and wanted to try it to see if Isaac would eat it.  He didn’t, but I won’t jump to conclude that it wasn’t good.  I ate it after my monster fell asleep.  A microwavable dish from brand name Evol, this butternut squash ravioli was pretty tasty.  A bit of bell peppers and other spices mixed up this dish very well.  :0)  

*Ikura a.k.a. salmon eggs a.k.a. gold of the ocean*


Upclose.. this is Ikura.. my favorite, and  my hubby brought some home just for me 🙂


Not just one bowl, but two!  In hawaii, it’s like gold!  Ikura nearly cost $30/lb.


They are usually used in sushi.  The sushi made up of nori, rice, ikura and ahi poke.  Nori is seaweed, ikura is salmon eggs, ahi poke is merely cut up raw tuna, and of course you know rice… mmm, yum! :0)