*Ooh yum*

There’s nothing like dunkin’ donuts.  Just had to snap them for future cravings.  ๐Ÿ˜›


This double jack is from JITB.. jack in the box.  Hubby and I went to the one on ward and kapiolani.   We had a problem at the drive thru window because the cashier rang us up for 2 double jacks but gave us both regular jacks.  So when we opened it to eat it, it only had one patty.  It took them a long time to give us the right burgers.  So by the time we got the double jacks, the first bites were real good.  Dumb cashier.  We were starving. ๐Ÿ˜›

*Pipeline Malasadas*


We stopped by this newly opened bakery on Waialae called Pipeline, bakeshop & creamery.  Met Gayna, who I assumed was one of the bakers, told her my husband met her uncle at a garage sale and recommended this place.  She was nice, as the other guy up front.  I bought 6 regular sugar and 6 mocha malasadas.  Expected mocha to be filled inside but it wasn’t.  Perhaps, I should have specified or read the menu better.  However, both flavors were excellent.  Hot and yummy.  :0)

*Butternut Squash Ravioli*


Picked this up at Target.  It was on sale and wanted to try it to see if Isaac would eat it.  He didn’t, but I won’t jump to conclude that it wasn’t good.  I ate it after my monster fell asleep.  A microwavable dish from brand name Evol, this butternut squash ravioli was pretty tasty.  A bit of bell peppers and other spices mixed up this dish very well.  :0)