Tempura Udon flavor Noodle Soup

We bought it at the Waimalu Palama Korean Supermarket. Our first time there, exploring the whole store while waiting for our car alarm to be installed next block.

Tasty, just like an udon soup, but no big noodles here. It’s a lil’ bit spicy but just good enough that it doesn’t burn as much. Noodles were regular ramen kind noodles. Isaac and I loved it. We just was wanting some thick, big noodles I guess. ๐Ÿ˜‹


*Pipeline Malasadas*


We stopped by this newly opened bakery on Waialae called Pipeline, bakeshop & creamery.  Met Gayna, who I assumed was one of the bakers, told her my husband met her uncle at a garage sale and recommended this place.  She was nice, as the other guy up front.  I bought 6 regular sugar and 6 mocha malasadas.  Expected mocha to be filled inside but it wasn’t.  Perhaps, I should have specified or read the menu better.  However, both flavors were excellent.  Hot and yummy.  :0)