*FoodLand’s poke*

Went to Foodland to get some poke.  Couldn’t decide which one, so I bought four different  types of the ones I wanted.  They were all “yumm!”  :0)


*Rotisserie & Saluyot*

Rotisserie chicken, rice and saluyot.  Well, let me explain what saluyot is, it is a filipino vegetable, slippery yet yummy if cooked properly, I guess.  I stir fried it with onions, salt, pepper and a splash of soy and vinegar.  It was the easiest and probably fastest too.

*Pulled Pork Pizza*


This was brought to my attention by my co-worker that we had a new product in our cafe: pulled pork, with bacon, onions and mozzarella cheese pizza.  The sauce is a winner.  In fact, it was real good!  Not because I was really hungry, but I was happy that there wasn’t a long line.  For $2.79 w/ a drink, best paid lunch yet.  :0)

*Southern Platter*


This is the Southern Platter in the Jack in the Box morning menu.  Got up too early for the first Sunday’s Pier sale, which my hubby looks forward to every month.  And this was my treat for the morning.  Tasty, rather small portion but scrambled eggs with bell peppers, along side roasted potatoes and bacon.  Washed down with Minute Maid orange juice, even my baby was happy.  :0)

*$5 plate lunch*


At “I love Country Cafe/ChinaExpress in Kalihi, only this location has the $5 special plate lunch; 1starch and two entrees.  I went with half half fried rice and chow mein, with honey bbq chicken and mushroom chicken.  Hubby got same half fried rice n chow mein, with beef broccoli and mushroom chicken.

There were quite a few selections but were almost empty, so I just chose the ones that I knew and were just made.  Honestly, for the price, it’s actually a deal.  With $2 large drink, we were happy.  :0)