*Snack Craves*

I was craving for a simple ham and cheese sandwich, pickles on the side with a handful of Border’s Olive Oil chips.  Lemonade to wash it all down made it my perfect snack.  :0)


*CMN fundraiser – Pastele Stew*



Pastele Stew made by cake decorator Michelle for the Children’s Miracle Network fundraiser.  Ten dollars a container to help the children. 
     So I brought it home and hubby eats a bowl with rice, everything all gone and then he criticizes it saying that it don’t taste like real Pastele Stew.  “Then maybe you should make it so I know how real Pastele Stew should taste like.”  It was good.  I liked it.  :0)

*Aunty Char’s Breakfast*


Still fundraising for Children’s Miracle Network.  This was the mini plate version for $5 (instead of a full plate for $7).  It was rice, scrambled eggs, bacon, cut up fried potatoes, little smokies and Portuguese sausage.  Wanted more but having only one 15 minute break, this was good enough.  :0)