*Jesse’s Bakery/ Restaurant*


I was craving for some filipino food, so my husband found this “hole in the wall” place in Kalihi.  It’s small, it was crowded and the food was OK.  They were busy, so I had to wait awhile.  I ordered a mixed special, where you can choose two sides, along with pancit, steam rice or fried rice.  As you can see, I chose pancit (didn’t taste like the filipino pancit, plus not so tasty), the pinakbet (which was more of bittermelon & green beans, no other vegetables), and dinuguan (a.k.a. chocolate meat, or rather bloody meat; which was a bit dry).
   The cashier seemed to only be nice to the regulars and knowing it was my first time there, she neglected to help me (not as quick as those whom she knew that walked in after me).  I would go back and order food there, if it was better than what I received.  Sorry, but first impressions mean something to me.  Unfortunately, Jesse’s wasn’t a good one.  :0(


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